Auto-Correct Options

Auto Correct
Costco Photo Centre lab technicians take the time to alter the brightness and colour of each image in order to produce the best quality prints available.

Do not Auto Correct
Each digital printer has its own unique way of reproducing color. A Printer PROFILE simply describes a printer's specific color performance. By using a Printer Profile when viewing and editing an image on your calibrated monitor and in controlled viewing conditions, what you see will closely match the print that is produced at the Costco Photo Centre of your choice.

If you currently use a Costco Enhanced Accuracy Custom Printer Profile, and would not like your images corrected at the Costco Photo Centre, then you can choose to turn auto correct off.

These changes apply to this order only. If you wish to make these your default settings please go to your account preferences.

For more information on Printer Profiles and monitor calibration, or to download a Costco Printer Profile; simply click on this link.