Creating Photo Books

Designing your Photo Book | Building your Photo Book | Saving and sharing your Photo Book

Photo Books are an attractive and stylish way to put together offline albums of your photos. Keep them for your own collection, or give one away as a perfect gift! Ordering and designing a Photo Book has never been so easy.

  1. Click on the "Photo Books" tab in the main menu.
  2. You will be shown a number of cover style options. Select the cover style you want for your Book by clicking on the link above the appropriate sample image.
  3. Select the style options for your Book. The options can vary between cover types, but often include material, color, size, and theme. Click the "Continue" button to proceed.
  4. Select your theme. If there are multiple pages of themes available you can flip through them by clicking on the blue arrows or the dots between the arrows. Click the "Continue" button once you've made your selection.

The exact price of your custom cover and options choices is given below the option bar and will be dynamically updated as you make changes.

You have designed your Photo Book with a custom cover, style, and theme! For help on placing photos within your Book, please proceed to the next help section, Building your Photo Book.

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So you have a Photo Book with a cover and a theme -- now it's time to fill the pages with your favourite photos!

The Photo Book builder has two basic elements, which are the Photo Book workspace and an action bar below the workspace. The action bar has the following tools:

How do I change my page layout?

Simply click on the "Choose Layout" tab located in the action bar. Drag and drop the layout onto the page where you would like to use it. Please note that changing a layout will delete the images and text that have already been placed on the page.

Can I change my Photo Book cover?

No. Once you have started the Photo Book design process you cannot change your choices for cover type, material, etc. If you wish to have a different cover, save your book using the "Save Book" button and start the design process over.

How do I add text to my Photo Book?

Looking to add a touch of personalization to your Photo Book? Simply click on any "Click to Add Caption" labels on each page and use the Edit Caption tool to fill them in. Make sure to click the "Apply" button when you're done to apply the changes to your book. You can use the tool to align, bold, or italicize your text for a special touch.

What do the "Preview Page" and "Preview Book" buttons do?

The "Preview Book" and "Preview Page" buttons located above your Photo Book workspace are two of our favourite features. Click the button, wait for your book load, and enjoy. Click on any of the preview book's corners or use the red arrow keys to turn the page. Please note that the "Preview Book" button is a representation of what the pages will look like and not a print quality check.

How do I add or remove pages in my Book?

To add pages to your Photo Book, click the "Add 2 Pages" button located just below your Photo Book workspace. Each Book can hold a maximum of 60 pages. Disney photo books can hold a maximum of 60 pages.

To delete pages from your Photo Book click the "Delete 2 Pages" button located just below your Photo Book workspace. Each Photo Book must have a minimum of 30 pages. Each Disney photo book must have a minimum of 20 pages.

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To save your work, simply click on the "Save Book" button located just above the Photo Book workspace. Enter a name for your saved Photo Book that will allow you to recognize it later. You can now access it at any time by clicking on the "Photo Books" option in the main menu bar and then selecting "Saved Photo Books" from the submenu.

To share a saved Photo Book with others, find the Book on your Saved Photo Books page and tick the selection box beside the name. Click the "Share Photo Book" button. You can then select the level of access you'd like viewers to have, and fill out the sharing email form. When you are done, click "Share".

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